How to Create a Tithing Parish


Catholic Tithing:

The benefits of creating a tithing parish go beyond the obvious financial benefits to the parish, tithing helps people grow into a more intimate relationship with God!  Faith Finances can help you create a tithing parish.

When taught correctly, tithing will…

  • Replace capital campaigns
  • Pay off parish debt
  • Greatly increase weekly offerings
  • Eliminate the need for second collections
  • Make Catholic education stewardship-based not tuition-based
  • Increase and improve any stewardship program
  • Increase overall engagement of the parish
  • Support valuable ministries and ministry work
  • Bring prosperity in many forms (particularly spiritual)
  • Evangelize the faith
  • Help catechize the faithful
  • Help families

Faith Finances has a number of programs available for parishes to teach tithing.

Contact Faith Finances now, to see how we can help you transform your parish, into a tithing parish!  CLICK HERE!

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