Why Catholics Should Tithe

Catholic tithing. Rarely will you ever hear those two words together in any sentence. Is it because tithing is most often associated with Protestants? Perhaps! My question to you is, why is that? After all, tithing is a biblical concept, isn’t it? Yes, it is! Then why do Catholic pastors, priests and far too many in church leadership positions, fear discussing it, let alone outright teach it? When I have the opportunity to ask clergy, “Why are you fearful to discuss or teach this?” Does tithing honor God? Yes, it does. Doesn’t the Bible promise many blessings when you honor God? Again, yes it does. Do you believe God’s Word to be one-hundred percent true? I have never had one person in clergy ever say, “NO!” Well then, if you think that tithing honors God, and that by honoring God, you will be blessed (in many ways), and you believe God’s Word to be one-hundred percent true, then what do you have to fear? It is in the best interest of the faithful to hear this message. When tithing occurs everyone wins. The faithful who tithe, are blessed, the Church receives valuable resources to properly minister to the faithful and God receives all the glory!

Let’s now go back and address the question that tithing is a concept most often associated with Protestants. We already established that tithing is a biblical concept. My next question to you would be: Who was responsible for compiling the books that we have come to know as the Bible? It was the Catholic Church. Because of this fact, tithing is really one-hundred percent Catholic! So therefore, tithing should be the center of any Catholic stewardship program. For more information on Catholic tithing, please contact Faith Finances.

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