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Faith Finances came about through the real life experiences of its founder Thomas E. Zordani. After facing a period of homelessness and finding himself and his family in an unimaginable swamp of debt, he began a painstaking journey to gain financial knowledge and wisdom from the ultimate learning source, the Bible! Nothing is more basic than the information regarding finances that is to be found in the Bible.

     As a Catholic and after having realized that he had financially failed his wife and children. He knew that change needed to occur. What he discovered in his studies of the Scriptures was that he had not made God a part of his finances.  “If I was incapable of handling what little money I had, there would be no way I could possibly deserve or handle more. It wasn’t until I changed my heart and my thinking, and applied these timeless stewardship principles found in Holy Scripture that my finances began to change. I owe everything to God!” writes Mr. Zordani.

     Mr. Zordani eagerly states, “Faith Finances is about becoming a true steward. With such stewardship responsibility comes the understanding that God owns everything we have (our possessions, our homes, our children and yes, even our money). Everything belongs to God. We are merely stewards of whatever He chooses to bless us with. It is our solemn duty to become the best stewards we are capable of becoming, and instilling within our children this very profound truth, so that they may grow and develop the necessary character to become themselves good stewards.”

     True stewardship is about applying all of God’s words to personal finances. It is about mastering the 3 Principles of biblical finances, the principles of Giving, Managing, and Increase. 

     Mr. Zordani currently teaches these learned and proved stewardship concepts to congregations, both large and small, religious organizations and various groups in a very entertaining, inspiring, thought-provoking manner. If you are interested in having Mr. Zordani speak at your church, or to your organization or group please contact him at Faith Finances. 

                                                                Faith Finances
                                                               (720) 273-5851
                                                        4860 Chambers Rd. #113
                                                             Denver, CO 80239

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